Impress Your Customers with Your Holiday Lights!

With Chicago’s Lights Festival coming up this weekend, businesses all over Chicagoland and the North Shore will follow suit and light up their storefronts. If the Magnificent Mile can light up their shops and landscape, why couldn’t you? Our commercial clients call on us to hang their lights for several reasons. If you’re feeling any of the following applies to your commercial property, give us a call!

  1. It’s too cold. Winter has already come to Chicago, as we have already experienced conditions as low as 10 degrees. At the end of a long work day, when it’s cold and dark, the last thing business owners want to do is climb frozen ladders and walk around a dangerously icy roof.


  2. It’s dangerous. Speaking of a dangerously icy roof, most accidents that happen during the holidays are from people working with ladders. Decrease your chances of an injury (and a possible lawsuit) and rely on a professional who knows what they’re doing. All you should have to worry about is making sure your customers are satisfied during the holidays, not making sure you bring your crutches with you to the office.

  3. It doesn’t look as good as you hoped. Often business owners overestimate their ability to hang Christmas lights. There are actually essential measurements that vary from the top of a tree or a roof to the bottom of it. Our team is fully aware of these measurements and can complete the job without any guesswork.

If you want to avoid such hassles, give us a call so that one of our designers can work out the best lighting design for your commercial real estate. Keep in mind your timing-we tend to book up in late November, so book your lighting at the earliest possible time. Impress your customers with your holiday lighting!

From design and installation to maintenance and storage, Holiday Creations is your premiere destination for holiday lighting packages and products. The website offers over 200 packages for easy online purchasing. A specialized lighting designer will visit your home and use our digital software to customize the lights, using a photo of your home. In January, the lights will be taken down and stored until next year. We do the work letting you enjoy the results.

By: Holiday Creations Pro, Inc.

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