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We don’t just offer products, we also offer a custom design consultation.
Our professional design consultants will meet with you to determine what best
suits your needs, residential, commercial, holiday, or special event.

With our consultants you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful and
creative designs for holiday or any occasion. We can custom design and build
a display for any event or function.

We can assist in designing a display, discuss and expand on your ideas, and
offer advice on the best type of lighting to accomplish your vision.

See your custom light project on your home or business before purchasing.
HC Lights will create your lighting project with our state-of-the-art design




At HC Lights our install team arrives at your home or business properly trained, equipped, and insured. Our utmost concern is the safety of your property and our employees. Every employee is trained and tested on ladders, lifts, harness safety, electrical, and our human resources handbook of practices. We also carry proper insurance.

We own all of our equipment and come prepared with the appropriate tools. Proper measures are taken to reduce the chances of GFI tripping.

  • We pre-tape extension cords
  • We stake all extension cords off the ground, out of water
  • We keep products out of your gutters, to eliminate ice build up around electrical connections
  • We apply GFI bubble boxes to keep outlets

HC Lights is uncomparable in our industry. We offer all these services at no additional cost to you.




After your project is professionally installed, situations may arise for service. HC Lights responds to your call or email within 24 – 48 hours. Our service crews work day and night to ensure systems are up and running. We are available Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas and will stop at nothing to assure quality.




As easy as our products are to install and take down, wouldn’t it be nice to have it done for you?

HC Lights will take down and safely package your products until your next holiday season. All holiday projects are guaranteed to be removed by January 25th.

Due to weather conditions and snowy environments, our takedown crews may leave a light clip or stake on your property. If you notice anything after take down is complete, contact us for free clean up service.

And next year, we will contact you at a pre-determined time to arrange scheduling for upcoming holidays — one less thing you need to remember.